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The Road Goes On Forever

“The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”

Robert Earl Kean

If there is a place where the road goes on forever, it’s probably in Wyoming and that’s where I was headed.

Had my best friend riding shotgun, the tank was full of gas, we were headed out for Dubois and going to get there fast.

Word was the fish were hungry and we had flies to feed ‘em.  There were rods and boots and waders, more than we’d be needing.

You have be prepared when your party’s on the move.

We were camping in a log house, fishing every stream and every groove.

Cutties came in bunches, most were fat not lean.  There were also lots of Whitefish and one impressive Brown that made me feel humble for the joy that I had found.

They came to hand like the colors come to Fall.  The days flew by so quickly, we couldn’t catch them all.

We turned around and headed south with thanks and satisfaction for roads that go forever and where fishing never ends.


The Roads

IMG_1371 (2)

South of Elk Mt

I-80 Eastbound

Waldon, CO Vets and Ferraris

Rabbit Ears Pass 9-23-16



The Rios

Below BC on EF2


Run in to Big Pool on the Wiggins Fork


The Fishing







The Fish

(all fish were released happy and healthy!)

Below Thunderhead 2

E Fork between BC and WF

EF below WF

EF between BC and WF




The Co-Pilot



The Cabin

Our cabin


The Runner

Last day with the Warrior Truck

The End
Picking a winner on the East Fork

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  • Thalia
    Written on

    Well, this looks pretty fun and pretty hysterical. There couldn’t be a better fishing trip, whether from the front or from behind!!!!

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